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MME Assessments Made Easy


The purposes of assessments are to provide feedback to the individual/organisation about the strengths and areas of improvements of each employee.

Assessments are all about self awareness. People learn more about themselves, their blind spots, their developmental gaps, their strengths and their learning styles.

Assessments such as 360 degrees feedback, allows people to learn how they are perceived by others and since perception is reality, it is an important piece of feedback for personal development and organisational person: position match.


MME eAppraisal Made Easy


Performance review is an important cornerstone in rebuilding the human resources program for the staff. Performance review system is based on the goals, duties and competencies of each job, and employees will be reviewed based on their Job Descriptions. They will better understand what is expected of them and how their efficiency is. And, they will be rewarded adequately for better performance. If the organization is to successfully compete for the best human resources, they must meet the expectations of capable people. This means offering them the challenges that highly motivated employees require and the opportunities to develop themselves in the pursuit of the organization’s goals.


If they are to create a work environment that promotes personal and professional development as well as a sense of connection to the organization, then the staff must understand how their contributions affect the success of their departments, schools and the organization as a whole. The organizations must learn to communicate with each other better, as individuals and groups.  


MME E-Review lets you quickly and easily creates performance reviews for all of your employees. The data is secured at every level, a manager can access his self reviews and of his subordinates while an employee has the access only to his self reviews. A manager review details cannot be accessed by other managers.


MME Succession Planning Made Easy


Succession Planning Service helps organizations create succession plans that retain high values and high potential employees, helps in building talent pools for continuous business growth, and mainly to avoid disruptions caused by unplanned human capital turnover.


A timely evaluation of potential successors will retain staff, here we use consistent criteria and common metrics to evaluate potential successors. To get an organization wide Comprehensive view of Human Capital which includes employees past work history, current performance, and future aspirations as captured in career discussion or any other. It is necessary to conduct efficient talent reviews with embedded, interactive analytics that help fine-tune talent pools and succession plans in a more achievable manner.


MME Recruitment Made Easy


The hiring process is the process of reviewing applications, selecting the right candidates to interview, testing candidates, choosing between candidates to make the hiring decision and performing various pre-employment tests and checks.


Generally, process stars with an internal HM request for a vacancy based on the budgets and approvals from respective work authorities to publish a opening in corporate website.


Sourcing of candidates can happen in various manners like Download of candidates from various job portals, Employee referrals, Online job applications by looking at the vacancy published in websites or social media or by recruiting firms.


Candidates are then interviewed by various teams like Technical - written, Technical - Oral, HR Interviews and various discussion before an offer letter is issued.


Gather manager feedback, gather candidate feedback and if all fine then an offer is issued. Discussions are carried further on the salary negotiations, joining data negotiations and necessary documents are collected.


Onboarding process of candidate is started with Conducting background verification of Educations and Experience, reference checks with past employer on the conduct and behaviors, if any black marks etc.


MME Employee Survey Made Easy


Employee Survey gives the organisation a measure of employee attitudes across a range of cultural and performance areas.


The Employee Opinion Survey covers areas of:

  • Employee engagement
  • Job satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Employee development
  • Supervisor skills
  • Empowerment, and
  • Quality management